5 Hottest Women in Broadcast Journalism

Image Credit: tvguide.com
Gone are the days when a woman’s role on the nightly news was relegated to looking sexy while talking about the weather. (Hell, gone are the days of the “nightly news,” even—now we have the “news cycle.”) And rightly so! Women are every bit as competent as men when it comes to interpreting and conveying information. But even as we have watched proud pioneers like Katie Couric take the anchor chair, and even as the ranks of female field reporters grow ever deeper, we have to be honest with ourselves: there are newswomen out there so hot that not acknowledging their less-analytical attributes would be newsworthy in and of itself.
5 Hottest Women in Broadcast Journalism

2Abby Martin

Abby Martin is one of those all-too-common journalist/psychedelic artists you hear about these days. It seems like you can’t flip on the news without seeing a journalist/psychedelic artist anymore! Or maybe we’re confused and Ms. Martin is the only person occupying this strange crossroad. But in all seriousness, she’s a breath of fresh air when compared to the entirety of mainstream media in America. She asks hard-hitting questions and isn’t afraid to make her interviewees feel squeamish on her RT show Breaking the Set—all while looking drop dead gorgeous. Though not yet a household name, don’t be surprised when you start hearing more about Ms. Martin and her proactive, no-BS approach to news gathering.

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