5 Hottest Women in Broadcast Journalism

Image Credit: tvguide.com
Gone are the days when a woman’s role on the nightly news was relegated to looking sexy while talking about the weather. (Hell, gone are the days of the “nightly news,” even—now we have the “news cycle.”) And rightly so! Women are every bit as competent as men when it comes to interpreting and conveying information. But even as we have watched proud pioneers like Katie Couric take the anchor chair, and even as the ranks of female field reporters grow ever deeper, we have to be honest with ourselves: there are newswomen out there so hot that not acknowledging their less-analytical attributes would be newsworthy in and of itself.
5 Hottest Women in Broadcast Journalism

4 Erin Burnett

Frankly, we’re not sure Erin Burnett quite deserves her own primetime show, but we are sure that she’s hot. Maybe there is a correlation there, we don’t know, we’re not conjecturing, we’re just talking, here. Burnett was in finance before the start of her journalistic career, which saw her featured on Bloomberg TV, NBC, and facilitating production of plural documentary films before joining up with CNN. Her skills as an anchor are occasionally shaky, with her sometimes missing the tone of a story, but… whatever: she’s pretty good, and she’s pretty hot.

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