5 Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews

Image Credit: Youtube.com
Part of being rich and famous is dealing with constantly being in the spotlight. Whether they like it or not, celebrities are often thrown in front of the camera and asked to answer a series of questions as their actual selves, because for some reason, the general public is interested in what they have to say.
The release of a new film, or an album, or especially a scandal, comes with a constant stream of interviews conducted by countless different media outlets. And while most celebrities know how to play it cool and do their part by answering a few, often asinine questions, and be on their way, once in a while things get REALLY awkward.
5 Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews

1James Brown

The Godfather of Soul was also the unquestioned King of the Awkward Interview. Back in 1988, shortly after being released from one of his many stays in prison, James Brown conducted an interview in which he answered probing questions about he and his wife’s domestic issues by nonsensically shouting his own song lyrics. He also took some time to point out his new status as a single man, and promote his lovemaking prowess. At one point he even just yells “JAM!” for no reason at all. Great stuff, James.Next >

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