5 Unexpected Jobs Famous Folks Had Pre-fame

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Often it is an easy task to track the trajectory one has travelled toward their station in life (though it is more difficult to do so with such lovely alliteration, if I do say so myself). One can look back at the steps that, say, President Obama took, working backward from serving at the federal congressional level, to the state level, to the local level, with the law background, and so on. Or one can look at actors such as Drew Barrymore, who have been on the silver screen since they were children.
Other times, the folks we celebrate as celebrities or admire for their political, humanitarian, or business success – or, for that matter, those that we loathe for the harm they have done – end up in their notable positions after time spent on markedly different life paths. Chalk it up to it a mix of serendipity, diligence, and the arbitrary nature of this damn thing we call life…
5 Unexpected Jobs Famous Folks Had Pre-fame

1“Dunkin Donuts has waitresses?”

We open with a woman whose other “career” was brief, but it’s just so hilariously improbable, that I’m going with it: Madonna worked briefly as a waitress at a Dunkin Donuts in NYC. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Dunkin Donuts has waitresses?” Well, apparently some do – I have cross-referenced this fact and it is true, the Material Girl was, at one point in the late 70s, decidedly more glaze than glitter.Next >
Honorable mention

So take heart, dear readers: you may not be stuck as the CEO of a successful Fortune 500-ranked business or as a prolific poet forever – you, too, could go on to have a celebrated second career! Or you could invest in soy beans and hope the market goes haywire — I don’t know — you’ll figure something out!

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