Carly Aquilino: 5 Guys You Shouldn't Date

Image Credit: MTV
Ever wanted to breakup with your boyfriend but didn’t know how or were tempted to snoop around his phone but weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do? Well, lucky for you, Carly Aquilino from MTV’s “Girl Code” might have the answers for you. Using humor and over-the-top hilarious antics, the show is the new how-to manual for all things in girl world and focuses on topics such as how to be a party hostess, how to deal with a breakup, and what to do if you are ever feeling unattractive. While Carly shares some of her own life experiences on a variety of topics including men and dating, here are the Top 5 guys that Carly thinks no girl should ever consider dating.
Carly Aquilino: 5 Guys You Shouldn't Date

2Pretty Boys

Justin Bieber takes REAL good care of himself. - Image Credit: Themeplus
“We appreciate guys who take care of themselves, but as far as I’m concerned a guy taking care of himself is pretty much just bathing and wiping. If he gets his hair cut once a week, uses makeup on his blemishes, or has ever gotten a pedicure. The answer is clear. Burn their fedoras, steal his nice skin cream, and run.”

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