Jill Zarin: 5 Things I Cannot Live Without

Jill Zarin
She’s a reality TV star, businesswoman and public speaker. Former “Real Housewives of New York City” cast member, Jill Zarin might not be on the popular Bravo TV show anymore, but that hasn’t stopped her from building her successful line of products that include: jewelry, bedding and shape wear. Besides having a business side, Jill also continues to make TV appearances on shows like “The Today Show,” “The View,” “Rachael Ray,” “Chelsea Lately” and “Wendy Williams.” While Jill spends most of her time working and making appearances, there are five things that Jill cannot do without on a daily basis.

5 My “Peace, Love, World” Sweats

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“If you haven’t ordered one of these yet, I suggest you head over to peaceloveworld.com right now and order one. I couldn’t believe that Kris Jenner wears hers everyday like I do! It’s like ‘butta’ on your skin. You can find me sporting my new sea foam ‘I Am Peace L2L’ outfit when someone rings my doorbell!”

4 My New Dell Computer

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“Technology is my life. You can find me answering emails 99% of the day, and I know I can always rely on my Dell. I love the fact that it converts my laptop into a tablet. It makes my busy schedule seem a lot more manageable.”

3 My Stages of Beauty Skincare

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“Skincare has always been important to me. I try not to even spend much time in the sun anymore since it is so bad for the skin. What’s perfect about Stages of Beauty Skincare is that it is specialized for different age groups. It really makes my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh.”

2 My Remote Control

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“I admit it; I’m a TV junkie. I only wish it was a Crestron.”

1 My Ally, Bobby, Parents, Sister, Ginger and the entire Kamen and Zarin Clan

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“They say you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family, but I would pick MY family every time. Family is everything. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Friends will come and go, but family will always be at your side during hard times. I am blessed to be surrounded by such incredible people; it’s easy to want them by my side 24/7. My husband Bobby is my sweetheart, he can lighten up even the darkest of rooms. Ally is my pride and joy; there could not be a prouder mother than me. And Ginger is my baby; I can always rely on her to be the best cuddle buddy.”

New York Native Jill Zarin is one of the original cast members from “The Real Housewives of New York City.” A graduate from Simmons College of Retail Management, Jill launched a career as an assistant buyer for Filenes. After marrying her husband, Bobby Zarin, Jill joined his Zarin Fabric Warehouse as a marketing consultant. Once approached by producers from Bravo, Jill looked at the opportunity of being on the show as a great way of expanding the Zarin Fabric Warehouse as well creating her own line of products. When Jill isn’t busy promoting her lines or making TV appearances, she can be found speaking and hosting events such as the GLAAD OutAuction.

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  1. Please stop encouraging Jill Zarin there is a whole blog called Ihatejillzarin with 1mil hits monthly that hate her. Jill has 400000 bought Fake followers and only 15000 real followers. So she lies/steals to get $$$ on adds w/followers she doesnt have! Dont let her use you!

  2. While Jill spends most of her time working and making appearances, there are five things that Jill cannot do without on a daily basis.What a Joke!Jill spends her time Begging anyone with a pad to interview her!Jill Zarin is a disgusting celiberty STALKER! I would avoid anything she FLOGS!

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