Out To Lunch: the Top 5 Craziest Celebrities

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If we’re completely honest with ourselves, we are far more fascinated by the celebrities who seem a little tweaked than we are by the ones who seem like they’re really down to earth. Sure, you’d like to grab a beer with Bradley Cooper, but that’s not nearly as intriguing as hearing that Kanye has accidentally impaled his dog with a samurai sword. To put it simply, crazy celebrities are just good old fashioned fun, and these are the top five, the very nuttiest of nutty Hollywood celebrities.
Out To Lunch: the Top 5 Craziest Celebrities

2Lindsay Lohan

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Of course she’s on here. In fact, the only person in the world that’s shocked to see Lindsay Lohan on this list is Lindsay Lohan, and that’s only because she’s likely had a genuine break with reality. This girl has gone from sexy up and comer to tragic, nutty downer so fast she makes Marilyn Monroe’s demise look boring. Whether she’s smashing cars into buildings and/or people, punching psychic’s in nightclubs or slap-fighting her own mother in the back of a limo, every time Lindsay pops up in the headlines she seems more like a living spoof of a crazy former child star than she does a real person.

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