stevie ryan’s 5 favorite celebrities to impersonate

Known for impersonating some of pop culture’s well-known celebrities like Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga, funny woman Stevie Ryan has been poking fun at Hollywood celebrities in season 2 of her sketch comedy show “œStevie TV.”After being discovered on YouTube, Stevie has gained thousands of followers and millions of video views on YouTube. The following article gives us an inside look into the celebrities Stevie gets the most fun out of impersonating.

5 Kendra Wilkinson from “The Girls Next Door”

Image Credit: Stevie TV

“œPeople’s reactions to me playing Kendra are what make it fun for me. Hearing someone imitate the laugh I do when I’m imitating someone else’s laugh is hilarious to me.”

Watch Stevie as Kendra Wilkinson here!

4 Drita from “Mob Wives”

Image Credit: Stevie TV

“œDrita is a bad ass. Who wouldn’t want to play her for a day? Or forever?”

Watch Stevie as Drita from “Mob Wives” here!

3 Abby Lee Miller from “Dance Moms”

Image Credit: Stevie TV

“œNo one recognized me on set when I played Abby Lee Miller in a dance moms sketch last season and it was so liberating. I could’ve gotten away with anything. I felt free, even though I had on 20 lbs of prosthetics and a fat suit on.”

Watch Stevie as Abby Lee Miller here!

2 Nicki Minaj (Stevie Minaj)

Image Credit: Stevie RyanImage Credit: Stevie TV

“œNicki Minaj is so animated and colorful; it’s like being an anime character for a day. I love Sailor Moon, so of course I like playing Stevie Minaj.”

Watch Stevie, as Nicki Minaj, in her music video “Ress ‘A’ Rawn.”

1 Justin Bieber

Image Credit: Stevie TV

“œEveryone treats me differently when I’m Justin Bieber. Women want to be me and men want to eff me. It’s interesting.”

Watch Stevie, as Justin Bieber, in a music video with Drake here!

Born in Victorville, CA, Stevie Ryan moved to L.A. at the age of 19 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. From 2006 to 2007, Stevie booked many commercial projects, eventually getting into writing, filming, editing and acting. After producing numerous videos on her own on YouTube, New Wave Entertainment discovered Stevie and partnered with her to develop a TV series that would be similar to what Stevie had already created on her own. “Stevie TV” was the result of Stevie’s and NWE’s collaboration and soon the sketch comedy appeared on VH1. Stevie is also known by some of her most popular online roles “Little Loca” and “Sceney Sceneable.”

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