The Top 5 Hottest Female Political Pundits

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We don’t mean to objectify anyone here, and we’re not trying to downplay the adroit, perceptive approach any of these women bring to the political scene… but frankly some of today’s leading political pundits are hot enough to make their living shilling beer and/or swimsuits if they ever decided to leave the commentator game. Anyone who still thinks that the political world is entirely populated by stodgy old men needs to flip on their televisions for a minute or two. You just might find you actually enjoy watching the news if you happen to catch any of these five foxy talking heads.
The Top 5 Hottest Female Political Pundits

4Ann Coulter

Look, we know she is the spawn of some horned, fire-breathing goat creatures, and maybe we wouldn’t be unhappy to see her fall off a tall ladder while holding several buckets of paint, but frankly Ann Coulter is pretty hot. She’s tall, she’s blond, she’s lean, and yes, she sucks, and yes she revels in the shock value game, willing to say pretty much anything regardless of its relationship to fact as long as it is anti-Left Wing but… still hot. Dammit.

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