The Top 5 Hottest Female Political Pundits

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We don’t mean to objectify anyone here, and we’re not trying to downplay the adroit, perceptive approach any of these women bring to the political scene… but frankly some of today’s leading political pundits are hot enough to make their living shilling beer and/or swimsuits if they ever decided to leave the commentator game. Anyone who still thinks that the political world is entirely populated by stodgy old men needs to flip on their televisions for a minute or two. You just might find you actually enjoy watching the news if you happen to catch any of these five foxy talking heads.
The Top 5 Hottest Female Political Pundits

5Amanda Carpenter

Objectively, you would think that the author of a pro-GOP book titled “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy's Dossier on Hillary Rodham Clinton,” would be a rotund, balding man in his late 50s, likely named either Gordon or Rich. You would not expect it to be the work of a scarlet-haired beauty barely past her 30th birthday. But indeed Amanda Carpenter is the prolific author of that book and countless articles, blog posts and columns—all written from a distinctly right-wing worldview. When not appearing on Fox News or penning pieces for the Washington Times, she writes speeches for Tea Party darlings Jim DeMint and Ted Cruz.

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