Top 5 Adult Film Stars Who Transitioned Into Legitimate Acting Careers

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While few of the folks on this list are going to win Academy Awards for stirring dramatic performances, you still have to give them a hand for transitioning to legitimate acting careers after getting their start on camera with clothes off. The adult film industry is home to many thousands of performers, and most of them fade into obscurity after all the sex is over. But a handful of the more talented, entrepreneurial or just plain lucky performers have managed to make the jump, dropping the word “adult” from the “film star” title. A few even manage to exist with one foot (or other body part) in both worlds.
Top 5 Adult Film Stars Who Transitioned Into Legitimate Acting Careers

5Sylvester Stallone

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That’s right! Sort of. Before Sly Stallone was starring in “Rocky" or "Cliffhanger” or “Demolition Man” or a dozen other blockbusters, he was the lead in an atrocious soft-core film called “The Party at Kitty and Stud's.” It was subsequently re-released under the title “Italian Stallion” to capitalize on Sly’s stardom, and it is rumored that years after the picture’s 1970 debut, producers re-edited it and inserted scenes with hard-core content using a body double for Stallone. The original film apparently contains no actual X-rated material, but the myths that have grown around the picture are a hell of a lot more entertaining than the truth.

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