Top 5 Child Actors With Careers as Adults

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Growing up has rarely paid off for child actors. Think Todd Bridges from "Diff'rent Strokes" or Corey Feldman from the movie "Stand by Me." And child stars of a more recent vintage—Haley Joel Osment comes to mind—haven't been immune: Most young celebrities fade as they reach puberty. But some child stars beat the odds and enjoy successful careers as adults. It's rare, but it happens.
Top 5 Child Actors With Careers as Adults

4Jodie Foster

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Jodie Foster made a big impression in 1976 when she starred as a young prostitute in Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver." She was 14 at the time, and earned an Academy Award nomination for her work. Foster has since proved that this early success wasn't a fluke. She won Oscars for her work as an adult in "The Silence of the Lambs" and "The Accused." She also graduated from Yale University in the mid-80s.

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