Top 5 Child Stars Who Grew Up to Be Total Hotties

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Everyone loves adorable child stars, they liven up any TV show or movie you put them in, and make us all go, “Awwwwww!” But no one ever suspects the total tens these celebs can morph into. We tried to focus our list on serious ugly duckling candidates—the one’s you never thought would turn into anything other than faded memories in our collective child hood. Instead, these ladies have serious WOW power and we can’t get them off our minds. So take a seat and try to keep your shirt on for our top 5 child stars who grew up to be total hotties.
Top 5 Child Stars Who Grew Up to Be Total Hotties

1Alyssa Milano

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OK, so Alyssa Milano was always cute—the perfect elementary school crush. But COME ON! In the five years between Who’s the Boss? ending and Melrose Place beginning she must have been taking gorgeous-pills at a much higher dosage than any respectable doctor could prescribe. By the time Charmed started, she was a full-blown hottie, worthy of being a poster on anyone’s wall. And have you seen the picture of her dressed up as a mermaid? Interspecies love never looked so appealing. With a new series (Mistresses) in the works, look for Milano to grace our small screens and over-active imaginations again.

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