These Are the Highest Earning Actors in Hollywood in 2011

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It’s no secret that while most of the world’s economy is in the toilet the Hollywood elite are living large on their yachts, sipping Cristal in the box seats. Sucks for us; cool for them. George Clooney has his Lake Cuomo villa, Brad and Angelina have their entourage, and Jack Nicholson practically lives courtside at Lakers games. Johnny Depp owns an island like he’s Richard Branson or something, and Matt Damon’s bank account could definitely kick my bank account’s ass. Still, not one of these dudes made the ranks of the top five highest paid Hollywood actors – they’re doing just fine though. Some of the guys that made Forbes highest paid actors list (as of July 2012) might surprise you, some definitely won’t (hello, Tom Cruise). Still – do you think they’re worth it?
These Are the Highest Earning Actors in Hollywood in 2011

4Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson – $36 million per year: OK this is the most depressing name on this short list. Like Sandler, this guy sells overseas – people flock to his flicks. No one would ever accuse The Rock of being the second coming of Jack Nicholson, but the guy is probably buying and selling solid gold yachts so it’s doubtful he cares. People love The Rock – that’s life.

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