Top 5 Most Horribly Annoying Justin Bieber Faces

Image credit Instagram
Well, that pretty much settles it; Justin Bieber is the absolute worst. If his erratic driving, fan-spitting, mop bucket-peeing antics didn’t already have you convinced, new pictures have now surfaced of the Biebs being carried up the steps of the Great Wall of China on the shoulders of his bodyguards. Because obviously, we can’t expect a 19-year-old to possibly have the legs for that kind of strenuous climb.

And while his bodyguards somehow resisted the temptation to “accidentally” drop the young pop star off the side of the wall, they surely need no reminders of the true depths of his awfulness. Just one look at him, and they, along with the rest of the world, can see it all too clearly.

Top 5 Most Horribly Annoying Justin Bieber Faces

5The “I’m So Deep”

Image credit BullChic
In his defense, this face is in no way Justin Bieber’s creation. Every crappy teen heartthrob has worn this face on the cover of countless horrendous magazines throughout history. It’s a face that tries desperately to convince the audience that there is some really serious thinking going on behind those eyes. And who knows, maybe the photographer asked him about the rising tensions in Syria and that triggered Justin’s look, but more likely, it was just his reaction to the query “Do you think vampires might be real?”

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